Security & Privacy
at Sharly

We believe at Sharly, security is foundational, not optional. Our dedication to innovation ensures

your data's safety, your workspace's privacy, and your information's reliability.


At Sharly, we lay the groundwork for impenetrable security measures,

continuously assess their impact to confirm their steadfastness, and

maintain an open dialogue about our compliance

with these measures through clear, independent audits.

Vittorio Furlan

CEO, Foray Advisory

Restrictive Access. Data access is confined to only those essential team members, adhering to the least privilege principle.

Multi-Tiered Security Measures.Our security utilizes a multi-layered defense, with backup safeguards for breach resilience.

Uniform Security Measures. Security controls are uniformly applied across all areas, providing consistent defense against threats.

Continuous Improvement. Our controls are persistently enhanced to stay ahead of the changing security environment.

We implement rigorous measures
to guarantee the security of our product.

Data segregation. We use row-level access controls to segregate data by workspace and organization.

Data encryption. We use AES-256 encryption for data and chats at rest, and TLS 1.3 with AES-256 for data in transit.

No training data for LLMs. Sharly employs models that strictly prohibit the use of input data for any model re-training purposes.

Vulnerability Assessments. Our scans are deployed at key stages to preemptively identify and mitigate potential security vulnerabilities.

Audit logs. Every operation is closely tracked, logged, and available for detailed analysis whenever needed.

Data retention. Your data are automatically deleted if you don't user Sharly for over 30 days

Real-time Access Control. We apply source system permissions automatically to all Sharly integrations.

Sensitive Data Redaction. The system scans for personally identifiable information (PII) in real-time, ensuring its removal.

Data Hallucination Resistance. We employ RAG for accuracy and have safeguards to prevent data distortions.